Tripar White Plate Wire Hangers  

White vinyl Coated

Tripar White Plate Wire Hangers are a great way to protect your plates. Many people prefer that the complete ends of the plate hangers is coated with a white vinyl coating so that the metal is not attached to your plate and have that chance that it might scratch your plate. These are high quality plate hangers with very strong springs. They are a highly recommended plate hanger.

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Premium Quality White Vinyl Coated Plate hangers

Tripar White Plate Wire Hangers









Brass Plate Wire for 3.5-5" Plates

 Brass Plate Wire for 5-7" Plates

 Brass Plate Wire for 7.5-9.5" Plates

 Brass Plate Wire for 10-14" Plates

$1.85 $2.25



•Sturdy brass wires are white vinyl coated to firmly grip and protect your fine collectable plates. 

These are white Vinyl Coated!


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In this version of the Tripar hanger the vinyl covering coats the whole end of the hanger for maximum security for your plates. This a picture of one of the ends of the 3 1/2- 5" hangers but represents how the ends are covered for all sizes.

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